Statewide Arts Education Junior Leadership Team

Call for Student Applications…Due December 15th!

How better to advocate the importance of arts education in Alabama than by involving our very own students of the arts?

Download an Application Packet

The Alabama Arts Education Leadership Team is looking for students with strong leadership skills to serve on the Junior Leadership Team. Students in the 11th grade through graduate school, or under 25, are encouraged to apply.  The Alabama Arts Education Leadership Team is a partnership between the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

Mission: To provide fully-funded high-quality arts education that enlightens, inspires, and develops in every Alabama student the creative and innovative thinking necessary to ensure college and career readiness.


  • Increase expectations for the arts as an engine to enhance economy, community, and quality of life
  • Provide access and equity to quality arts learning for all students
  • Advance arts education opportunities to facilitate college and career readiness
  • Employ the arts as a catalyst to create and maintain an engaged school and community environment