Summer Workshops in Decatur June 4-5

Summer Professional Learning Sessions Provided by the Alabama Center for the Arts (133 2nd Ave NE; Decatur, Alabama 35601)

Summer Session Registration:

STI/Chalkable: ATH-ACA-Summer19

Please direct all questions for these sessions to Jennifer Bunnell at the ACA. Her email is


Tuesday June 4, 8 am registration, 8:30-4, lunch on your own
$10 for Alabama Art Education Association members (Must provide member number) /$20 Fee for non-members/ Lunch on Your own/ Square reader will be available to accept card payments
FIBER ARTS Mini Conference sponsored by AAEA at the Alabama Center for the Arts 
Needle Felting and Paper Embroidery 8:30-10 and 10-11:30
Needle Felting: Learn the basics of needle felting using felt, roving, and denim using felting needles to create 2D surface embellishment, Beth Bachuss, instructor.
Paper Embroidery: Practice basic embroidery stitches as a way to enhance art sketchbook pages or mixed media 2D art, Tammie Clark, instructor.
Tablet Weaving and Tie Dye with Acrylic Paint 1-2:30 and 2:30-4
Tablet weaving: using inexpensive materials, learn to weave using the tablet or card method of weaving, Beth Bachuss, instructor.
Tie Dye with Acrylic Paint: an inexpensive method of tie dye producing less vivid color after washing but a fun way to introduce the process, Tammie Clark, instructor.

Wednesday June 5 10am-3:30pm sponsored by AAEA at the Alabama Center for the Arts 
FREE to Alabama Art Education Association members (Must provide member number) /$5 Fee for non-members/ Lunch on Your own/Square reader will be available to accept card payments
Pacing an Art Lesson with only 30 Minute Classes 10am -12pm
Many of us are experiencing the 30 minute…well let’s be real, 25 minute class if we’re realistic…art time. It can be done!!! You won’t create a lot of art during the year, but you can still give a quality art lesson with proper planning and pacing. Join us for a two-hour session where you will create a hands-on-lesson in three 25 minute sessions and I will show you lessons my students created last year in the last 3o minute of our workshop. Geared for the elementary traveling art teacher, but anyone is welcome to join us. We will end up with a really cool DuBuffet sculpture made of index cards. Tammie Clark, instructor
How to Organize a Traveling Art Cart    1:30-3:30pm    
If you are a traveling teacher and are frustrated with your cart, come and join in on this mini workshop. I will show you successful ways I have organized my cart. I will set up several carts for you to photograph, from an ideal three shelf beauty to an AV cart; show storage containers I’ve used; storing and drying student art ; how I set up a paint cart. They key is in some good old fashion organization and” stackability”. We can problem solve your situations or just vent a little. You CAN have a quality art program from a cart…I promise. Come and get a little support or GIVE a little support! We will even make a little art!! Tammie Clark, instructor
Schedule of Alabama Center for the Arts Summer PD: