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A Personal Letter from AAEA Conference Chair Lindsay Mouyal!



If you are getting this email from me, it is because you are deeply rooted in the arts and arts education community here in Alabama and I thought you might be interested!  And please, if you know of others in the art family that I have not included, please pass this information on! 

I am the conference chair for this year’s AAEA fall conference and I am so excited that we are having it at the beach again!  If you haven’t come before, you are missing out and should consider attending this year.  I got involved with AAEA myself only a few years ago and was so excited at the first conference to be talking, interacting with, and learning from and with “my people.”  It isn’t very often that all of us art teachers get a chance to get together!

Some people last year even turned it into a family vacation and came down a few days early or stayed a few days after; letting family do their own thing during the day while the workshops took place…so that is always an option too!

We will be posting more about the conference and opening up registration this summer.  You can always check the AAEA website for forms and information!

If you are in the Birmingham/Central Alabama area and have never attended in the past, BAEA will have 4 scholarships available…2 for full registration and 2 for half of registration.  Look for applications on our blog this summer (

I am also sending you the AAEA 2013 Fall Conference Call to Present form. (Download it HERE)

If you would be interested in presenting a workshop during the conference, October 17-19 in Orange Beach, AL please fill out this form and return to Tammie Clark by May 31st.  I presented a workshop on recycled and low budget art last year and it was a lot of fun to teach adults for a change!

If you have questions about the workshops or form, please ask Tammie Clark