1923 Project


You’re invited you to help discover AAEA’s ninety year participation as a vital component of the Alabama arts community!

According to this National Art Education Association list of affiliate organizations and their founding dates, the Alabama Art Education Association founded in 1923 is the fourth oldest affiliate behind Connecticut, Missouri and Texas. (1908, 1916 and 1919 respectively.)

Yet, a quick internet search reveals precious little of what must be a terrifically rich and storied history involving the very best and brightest of our state’s art educators and advocates.


And this is where you come in, if you have photographs, old newsletters, newspaper articles, invitations, announcements and other ephemeral documentation of AAEA conferences, events, and activities; we want to see them! Spread the word. Tell anyone you know that might have a scrapbook or shoe box full of cool old AAEA memorabilia tucked away. We want to see it! Get out the scanner and send us your stuff! Help us build a visual record of AAEA history.

Please send scans for our 1923 Project digital archive. We will collect and share them here on the website. Please address your contributions to 1923 Project at:


Here’s a cool video slideshow of the 2009 state conference by Lynn Schmidt.