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The Alabama Art Education Association is a professional organization of art educators dedicated to advocating art education by following national standards, providing membership services, professional growth and leadership opportunities.

Members of AAEA are art educators from every level of instruction:

  • Early Childhood/Elementary
  • Middle Level
  • Secondary
  • College/ University
  • Administration
  • Museum Education
  • Lifelong Learning/Retired Teachers

AAEA members are concerned about quality art education in our schools.The Alabama Art Education Association is an active affiliate of the National Art Education Association.

To become a member of the Alabama Art Education Association, complete the proper form at:

2 comments to “Organization”
2 comments to “Organization”
  1. Good morning,
    It’s been a while since I’ve been to AAEA conference, but am hoping to attend more often!! I do have a question that comes from our director. She asked me to find out if AAEA keeps any type of data or statistics on student art involvement in Alabama. I know that’s quite vague, but I think anything will be helpful.
    I hope everyone is doing well; have a great rest of the week!
    Kim Wood
    Curator of Youth Education
    Mobile Museum of Art

  2. We do prepare a Youth Art Month participation report every year. Julie Harrison, our Youth Art Month chair, usually handles that ( and might have some information about past years. However, if you are looking for numbers, I think Andy Meadows, the Arts Specialist at ALSDE, is your best bet. He would have more concrete data in terms of which schools offer arts course and student enrollment in visual arts courses in Alabama public schools.

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