From The President

Welcome to YOUR website for YOUR professional organization of colleagues and peers who share YOUR same passions and challenges. If you’re a current AAEA member, you know how important your tribe is to you. If you’re not yet an AAEA member, I’d like to encourage you to join us for a lifelong journey of education, camaraderie, and leadership! We are here for YOU!


I am excited to be taking the helm of AAEA, to continue to build the proverbial path set by past leaders, using the tools they have established. My goal is to enhance communication among AAEA’s membership, sharing trends from our National organization, ideas being used in other states, as well as our state board’s goals and accomplishments.I want ALL AAEA members to communicate with each other by writing for our newsletter Perspectives, be encouraged to share successful lessons at the state conferences or locally with your own area art colleagues, and finally using AAEA web and social media platforms. Reach out and tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience amongst yourselves!


The board works for YOU! I am excited about the fresh changes and new ideas that come from new board members. Getting fresh perspectives helps us all grow. Thank you to all our new board members for your willingness to serve in a leadership capacity! If you are ever interested in leadership within AAEA, please contact me, I would love to talk to you! Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you as president of AAEA!


Artfully yours,

Tammie Clark

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