From The President


Letter from the President

Connie Deal, President

As I write this message, I have just proofed the Winter 2016 Perspective Newsletter edited by Abby Kuhn and Julie Harrison. I am so excited to have them as our new co-editors and applaud their willingness to take on such a big task. In addition, we have so many new board members that are excited and eager to work for you and I thank them in advance for their contributions to our organization. As I begin my term as your President of AAEA I wanted to share with you the goals that I presented to the board at our meeting in January.

President’s Initiatives 2016-18

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

Advocacy – Promote awareness of AAEA through a “Makers Movement” to increase membership.

Advertising – Produce videos for our website that address the value of our organization and explain what takes place at our state conferences so that teachers can share this link with school administrators for financial and professional support.

Accolades – Produce letters to be sent to administrators for board member participation and teacher participation in annual conferences and the organization in general.

Abridging – Hone board member duties and conference planning documents to be easily accessible to members at all times.

In using the above quote, I certainly don’t presume to equate myself to the renowned physicist, Isaac Newton, but hope to acknowledge the important contributions of past presidents and board members of our organization. I am grateful for the countless hours that so many of them have put forth to help me in my teaching career and now in my duties as president. Many of my goals relate to ideas that have already been introduced by impressive members of our association. I hope that we can implement these ideas to further promote the Alabama Art Education Association and the students that benefit from our organization. I look forward to seeing you at art events this year and pledge to keep AAEA ever mindful in my daily pursuits.

All the best,

Connie Deal

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